Brewing Beer with Friends

There’s not a lot in this world that’s better than a fresh homebrewed beer straight from the kegerator after a long day at work or during a football game. Knowing that you designed something tasty, crafted it with your hands, and then treated yourself to a fresh pint is really one of the best things on this planet. There’s a certain satisfaction that not much can compete with. The only thing that can really ratchet things up a notch and take it to the next level is spending the brew day with really great friends and making it a collaboration!

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Ornate Amber Ale

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Olivia Milde (English Mild)

Olivia Milde in all her glory!
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Finally back at it!

Woohoo! Beer is finally being made again at the house. After almost a year and a half long hiatus, my buddy Sean and I got a batch of beer whipped up!

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Success! Year two of the Brew Bros Hops and Sprockets Totally Biased Homebrew Competition is finally in the books! There were some truly fantastic beers entered, some truly not-so-fantastic beers entered, and other than a pesky corona virus, things went off without a hitch!

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Another great brew day is finally in the books, and this time, the Cluster Fuggles homebrew club was here to help get it all put together!

Brew Bros Hops and Sprockets is putting on a club brew off where we were all given the same set of ingredients and instructions to make some tasty beers. Although I belong to two different local home brewing clubs, the Cluster Fuggles talked me into hosting their club brew day at my house on my system and things couldn’t have gone better.

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My DIY Glycol Chiller

For years now, I’ve been lusting over the commercial glycol chillers available through different companies such as SS Brewtech and Penguin, but could just never justify the huge amount of money they cost. As nice as glycol would have been, ice water was working just fine, although it was a pain in the ass! While cold crashing beer in the heat of the summer, it wasn’t uncommon for me to burn 100lbs of ice in a day trying to maintain temps. Things were working and I was making good beer, but buying ice and dumping waste water needed to go and it needed to go away fast!

Enter my DIY glycol chiller!

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Brew Bros Hops and Sprockets Totally Biased Homebrew Competition 2019.

Holy Cow. What a mouthful (that’s what she said)!

March 12th and 16th was the first annual Totally Biased Homebrew Competition where we don’t care about style guidelines, only that the beer tastes good. For being just our first year, it was a real success! Overall, there were 31 beers entered and it was not an easy task objectively scoring the beers when there were so many great ones to choose from.

Luckily, we had a really great group of people to help bring everything together!

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2018 Great American Beer Festival

Between two bearded dudes, two Lindseys, four sessions at the GABF, 800+ breweries and 4,000+ beers, this year was one for the record books. One night in Fort Collins and three nights in Denver for the festival. More beer to drink than one could possibly imagine and enough fun to last a very long time.

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